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What is the working principle of instant water dispenser

The first step is the water out of the tank. Our water dispensers generally need to manually fill the water tank. The specific method is that we must fill the water tank with water according to the requirements of the scale of the water tank before use, so as to meet our next use.

The second step is to achieve water output through flow control. For example, we set the water to 250ml, then after confirming at this time, the outlet flow switch will be turned on, and then accurately measure the incoming water is 250ml, this is to close the valve, so the water enters the heater position.

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The third step is rapid heating according to the set temperature. Our instant water dispensers have a very powerful heating module. When the water enters the heating module container, it is then heated according to the water temperature we set. For example, if the waterproof level is set to 85 ° C, after the module is powered on, it will generate heat and quickly heat the water to 85 ° C.

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The fourth step is the control of effluent. When the water temperature reaches the required heating temperature, the water outlet switch will open. In this way, the heated water passes through the water outlet and then is discharged. We use a cup to catch it, which completes the entire water use process. In fact, it takes a few seconds from start to finish.

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