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The main parameters of the potentiometer

Nominal resistance, zero resistance and rated power

The nominal resistance belongs to the resistance marked clearly on the potentiometer, that is, the resistance between the two fixed ends of the potentiometer; the zero resistance refers to the minimum resistance of the potentiometer, that is, the minimum resistance between the moving end and any certain end Value; potentiometer rated power refers to the maximum power allowed for long-term continuous load under the specified rated temperature when the atmospheric pressure is 87 ~ 107 kpa in AC and DC circuits.

Variation characteristics of potentiometer resistance

The change characteristic of the resistance value of the potentiometer refers to the relationship between the resistance value of the potentiometer changes with the length of the movable contact or the angle of rotation of the rotating shaft, that is, the characteristic of the resistance output function.

potentiometer resolution

The resolution of the potentiometer is also called the resolution of the potentiometer. For the winding potentiometer, when the moving contact moves each turn, the ratio of the output voltage change of the potentiometer to the output voltage is the resolution. For a linear winding potentiometer, the theoretical resolution is the reciprocal of the total number of winding turns, and it is expressed as a percentage. The more the total number of turns of the potentiometer, the higher the resolution.

Dynamic noise of potentiometer

The dynamic noise of the potentiometer refers to the electrical noise generated when the potentiometer slides on the resistor when its moving contact point slides on the resistor. Dynamic noise is the main parameter of sliding noise, and its size is related to the speed of the rotating shaft, the contact resistance between the contact point and the resistor, the uneven variation of the resistivity of the resistor, the number of moving contacts and the magnitude of the applied voltage.

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