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How to configure proper motor voice coil motor drive control

The voice coil motor is a DC servo motor that converts electrical signals into linear displacement. It is based on the principle of ampere force, that is, the energized coil is placed in a magnetic field to generate force. The force is proportional to the current applied to the coil. The voice coil motor theoretically has a series of advantages such as infinite resolution, no lag, high response, high acceleration, high speed, small size, good force characteristics, and convenient control, making it more suitable for requiring high acceleration, high frequency excitation, Fast and high-precision positioning control system;

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For Tongmao Motors, we are accustomed to choose the US COpLEY driver to drive the voice coil motor platform; 1, high cost performance; 2, powerful functions; 3, years of practical application experience, can handle exceptions in time; of course, Switzerland Infranor and Israel Servotronix It is a voice coil motor driver with outstanding performance;

Copley drives provide high-performance motion control solutions for a wide range of industrial applications, including semiconductors, medical devices, automated assembly lines, photovoltaics, aviation, and packaging industries.

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Control modes: position, speed, torque; using field-based torque, speed, and position control to achieve optimized dynamic performance and cycle time, which combines acceleration forward feed and acceleration-limited buffering.

The variety of optional control methods includes: through fieldbus, pulse / direction or digital / analog input, or integrated into existing control design; stand-alone operation mode can also be used.

Easy programming: The parameterization of the drive is fast and convenient, and it can be quickly programmed using free software;

Main encoder feedback: digital incremental encoder number; Hall analog sin / cos encoder.

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